Gazebo Stage Saturday Edgewood & Peachtree

Gazebo Stage Sunday Edgewood & Peachtree





1:00 Julian Abey, Cameroon

Born Abey Julian Abey in the little town of Widikum in the Momo Division of the

North West Province of Cameroon. Julian Abey chose music as his way of life.His heart

went out for reggae music, and he never turned his back from it, ever.

1:00 Papis, Senegal


About Papis - Twenty-nine year old Pa'Pis, reigns from Coast of West Africa Senegal. Pa'Pis is inspired by the calm, soothing feeling that music brings him. He has been singing and performing since his toddler years. " I began taking music more seriously in 1994, 2 years after the formation of my first band," says Pa'Pis. From an Inspiring an uplifting force to the music world. Long Voyage, Ghetto Life, Dance for me represent Life, Love and struggle which helps to define his unique soulful genre. His songs help to bring out the uniqueness and beauty of other world music blended with African flavor. Among the many melodious tracks laid down by Pa'Pis, "Bang, Bang" is one of the quintessential hip-hop hit. With years of performing under his belt coupled with studio time alongside International superstar GTO and Sing a Teh, Pa'Pis is more than ready to take the music world by storm. For upcoming appearances dates and booking information, contact Pa'Pis and Long Voyage Music INC. Production and Management at 404-791-9590 or email @ papis2074@gmail.com



Jeun Jeun.mp3

2:30 Sam Mukoro (Nigeria),


Sam Mukoro was born in the Delta State of Nigeria where he spent most of his early childhood. His exposure to music was somewhat limited to hearing it play on their neighbor's radio. The family eventually acquired a transistor radio which to him was a great delight.

3:00 Lola & The Blue Ladies


Lola (just Lola) is a dynamic blues and R&B singer/keyboard player who has been igniting stages in the Atlanta area and is just beginning to break out as a national artist. Blessed with a deep soul voice, a funkified keyboard style and an intense, high energy stage presence, Lola combines traditional blues with hard-edged R&B to create her own brand of contemporary, tough music.



5:00  Ebeny Armstrong (Cameroon)

Who is Ebeny Amstrong? A Cameroonian recording artist, Ebeny Amstrong is originally from Manyemen, in the Central African nation of Cameroon. He credits his love for music to his late mother Mrs. Pella Ayuk Eben and step-mother Mrs. Agnes Eben who at very early age recognized and nurtured young Amstrong’s God given talents. To grow up in Cameroon where there are no voice lessons or music programs in school, song writing and singing came naturally to Ebeny Amstrong. Although beaten the music bug at an early age, Ebeny the guitarist would only nurse those instincts in favor of academic earning a Master in Biomedical Engineering from the University of London in the United Kingdom, and only returned to his love music; some twenty years later with the release of his first album Baninghe (Water) in 2008.

Leon Prim

6:00 http://www.wix.com/rslndprim/top-show-and

For most of his life, Leon Prim has been on a journey of musical discovery. Born and raised in Alabama, Leon is the the third of eight siblings. He received his first guitar at the age of six and carried it around everywhere he went. One day, Leon met a musician by the name of Glenn Hockaday who would go on to teach him to play the guitar. Leon's ambitious spirit and humbleness quickly gained him experience on the guitar and a passion for music. Inevitably, Leon and Glenn became partners to form the dynamic duo Hock-N-Top which they later renamed Top Show & Band.


7:00    Shola Lewis ( Gambia)  


Anthony Shola Lewis, was born in Banjul, The Gambia in West Africa. He now lives in Douglasville, Georgia in the USA.
Shola is in mortgage banking and life insurance sales . He is also a singer, song writer, music producer and the leader of Atlanta's own leading reggae band "Small Ax".
Shola Has released three CDs " I Don't Understand" "Covers" and the current CD "You Are The One". He has also setup a world music station on the Internet called Grace Radio. Your one stop for International Music and News. Named after his late mother Grace Aminata Njie Lewis. www.graceradio1.com.
Shola has three lovely children Anthony S. Lewis jr., Aminata Lewis and Susan Lewis.
You can contact Shola at 404-914-5832 or email sholalewis5@gmail.com